Your right th, my h ow honestly believed my kids would love her, and want her over me

She did tell him she loved him, but assures me that as soon as she said it, she regretted it

Those messages, emails even the most innocuous are devastating. What makes me sick is what my H gossiped to her about me. WTF why couldn’t he leave me out of it? What kind of man gossips about someone who takes care of him? Well now I don’t take care of him. We are on equal footing. I work full time now and if he wants to eat dinner well he has to help make it. OK I do his laundry, BUT I SWEAR THAT’S IT. ok and his ironing…..ULK I’m hopless.

Hang in there you are on the right road by cutting that princess loose. There’s a real Queen out there ready to give as good as she gets!

She thought my h wouldn’t mind having her after her h. She thought she could wipe me off the ace of the earth and no one would notice. My sil, who my bil left as year too, has found a new man, and guess what? He apparently looks like my bil.

Decimated: Sounds similar to my wife. My wife said they could never have gotten away with going away together. They did an awful lot of texting and talked about sex a lot … We have an amazing sex life, so I’m assuming they talked about sex for his sake and that this was the hook that kept him tied to her.

I found a couple of conversations that, to me, indicated their love for each other. But after the fog lifted, she says that what they shared wasn’t love, more like infatuation. I guess I have to believe that in order to move on. I too found reading all those texts and messages hard to bear, but felt it was necessary in order to get the truth.

She and the OM made “fantasy” plans to go away to a resort down south or secluded cabin to just have sex she said

There was a lot of texting, sexting and I’m sure naked pictures being sent back and forth. She would never admit to the pictures but they made reference to them in their messages. A lot of their messages would start out innocuous but would evolve into sex talk. This part really pisses me off because I was always flirting with her. She would rarely flirt back. Sometimes she would even act like I was annoying her but when he did it…it was OK. I might also add that after reading his words to her, he said nothing special, clever, or particularly interesting. He was no cognitive giant or a smooth wordsmith. There was no poetry or anything like that. In fact, some of their convos sounded like teenagers talking with lots of emoticons…symbols, hearts, smileys…etc.. I feel my ex was projecting what she wanted to hear…the fantasy. He was always calling her “beautiful” and she referred to him as “gorgeous” yet what I would tell her she was beautiful she would dismiss the compliment. She Never called me gorgeous. About once a year she would say I looked handsome. In my mind, I would rather be called gorgeous every day then handsome once a year.

Too eerily similar! She sent him pictures as well – when asked why she sent him so many pictures, she told me that “he was very convincing and she couldn’t say no to him” … this was because she felt she needed to do as he asked for fear of losing him! One of these pictures was titled “Just out of the shower” … I asked if she had sent him any pics of herself naked, and she replied that “not at this time” … so after more needling, she admitted showing her body in a Skype call and they m, masturbated for each other! She admitted she was only going to show him her tits, because (as she says) “he teased her about her breast size and wanted to prove to him how much they have grown”! Sounds like teenagers, don’t you think? And she too sent a lot of emoticons: hugs, kisses, hearts, etc. She even had 2 names for his penis!! There are none for mine, thankfully!