Why Men Use Such Horrible Photos in Their Online Dating Profiles, and What Women Want To See Instead

After devoting lots of time and effort to crafting the perfect online dating profile, it’s finally time to sift through the myriad of men’s online dating profiles to find a match. But, if you’re like a lot of women, once you start the process, you probably come across more than your fair share of less than appealing profile pictures, causing you to wonder why a guy would ever post such unappealing photos of themselves.

At that point, you may even jump ship until the next time when you summon the strength to try again. Though most guys don’t realize it, there are a few reasons why men use such horrible photos in their online dating profiles, which even they may not be aware of.

When it comes to online dating, that story should be true

If you’ve ever been close with a man – a romantic partner, a family member, or a platonic friend – you may have observed how a lot of men don’t like to take pictures. At least, they don’t like to be in pictures. They rarely, if ever, ask to take photos, so on special occasions, such as vacations or when you’re both all dressed up, you’re often the one to make the dreaded request. And even then, the man may only begrudgingly oblige, offering a half-smile.

So, what photos does that leave men with when putting https://brightwomen.net/es/mujeres-rusas-calientes/ together an online dating profile ? Not many, which is why so many men wind up with the notorious «Where’s Waldo» giant group photos in which the viewer can’t figure out who’s who, pictures of them dressed up with their ex cut out of the photo, and other images they took years earlier. Worse still, men may not even include pictures of themselves and, instead, resort to vacation landscapes and photos of their pet because those are pictures they do have.

Astute men may realize they need more photos, so what do they do next? Because they can’t be bothered to put the time into an informal photoshoot to get high-quality pictures, they take multiple selfies. That would explain the many men who include photos of themselves in luxury sports cars that may or may not belong to them, pictures of them wearing sunglasses, and, most offensive of all, the shirtless bathroom selfies women love to swipe left on.

The answer is deceptively simple, and they most likely won’t like it: take better photos (which may mean taking more). Here’s how, because, guess what, women want to see you.

Think about online dating this way: When women scroll through men’s online dating profiles, they’re essentially catalog or online shopping. You wouldn’t expect a woman to purchase a dress she can’t see, so why would you expect her to swipe right on someone who could potentially become a romantic partner?

What, then, can men do to fix the problem of them not having any good pictures to include in their online dating profiles?

If women can’t tell from your picture that it’s you – you in the crowd, you within recent months, you without a blurry face, or you standing in good lighting – they will move onto the next profile without a thought. What, then, is the point of you putting up an online dating profile to begin with?

If your photos obstruct your face, whether because you’re wearing sunglasses or a baseball cap, perhaps to hide the fact you’re balding, don’t include them. Potential matches need to see what you look like because, let’s be honest, physical appearance is often the first connection people make, especially when using online dating platforms.

Like men, women are busy and don’t want to risk showing up to a date only to find that you look completely different. She’ll swipe left instead. Besides, in case you haven’t gotten the memo, bald is sexy. So are your eyes.

Contrary to what many men think, too much skin isn’t sexy. Women don’t tend to like veiny, self-indulgent gym selfies and usually detest shirtless bathroom selfies. Aside from bathroom selfies usually being unflattering due to poor lighting, do you really need a woman thinking you just snapped this after doing your business and before washing your hands?

Leave something to the imagination. If a woman is so inclined, let her imagine where you go to the bathroom instead of you including it in your profile.

Because men tend to have the problem of not having many pictures of themselves, they often opt to use older photos. Some notable examples are pictures with their ex clearly cropped out or them still wearing their wedding band. The latter, of course, could also be an error on the man’s part, but I digress.

Especially given the pandemic over the past year , some men may not feel comfortable with their appearance, so they choose older shots in which they think they look better. Whatever the reason, showing up to a date looking years older is a no-no. You run the risk of appearing like a liar, and no woman wants to date that.

The idea is to attract women who will want to date you, so ditch the false advertising. It wastes their time and yours.

Men tend to include too many of the same type of photo in their online dating profiles. For example, they use numerous group photos or too many selfies. This behavior, likewise, is unappealing for a potential match because the dating profile doesn’t say much.

Instead, include a variety of photos, such as photos of you doing activities you enjoy. This way, you tell a story from which potential matches can learn more about you.

Sorry, guys, but the answer to finding better matches is to put more effort into your online dating profile from the start. It means taking the time to look nice, which women are more than happy to do when they decide to meet you.

Most importantly, your photos should be authentic to who you are and how you live your life. Pictures tell a story.