But after careful consideration, we narrowed the field down to MillionaireMatch and EliteSingles

The League App offers members several useful features. First, members are scored based on their activity levels and behavior. If a person is mean to their concierge (did we mention that you get a personal concierge on The League?) or if they behave in trashy or unrefined ways, they will be ejected from the website. This keeps the dating pool filled with eligible people who know how to act, an essential criterion for any discerning millionaire dater.

To connect you with that special someone, The League uses a happy hour system. Every day, the app will push a number of profiles to you for evaluation. Don’t like what you see? No worries at all. The League will continue sending you new and fresh profiles until you find the person of your dreams. The one drawback to The League is that it is not especially diverse: reviewers found that many of the profiles featured nearly identical straight white male businessmen. If you are seeking a same-sex relationship or if you prefer dating people of color, you may need to expand your horizons to another app.

Millionaire Dating Sites FAQs:

While all of these websites have unique offers to find the wealthy man or woman of your dreams, we believe ashley madison-hyvitykset that one website above all others is the best rich man dating site (or rich woman dating site!) out there. The decision wasn’t easy: after all, you could find a millionaire on any of these websites.

First of all, most of these sites do not cater explicitly to people who are seeking a sugar relationship

MillionaireMatch made our final list because it is specifically designed for people who want to date wealthy, high-class people. Millionaire Match has an excellent verification system, so you know you are getting a bona fide millionaire when you agree to meet or chat with somebody – this is a feature that is lacking on many other websites, and it is something that is sorely needed for those of us who prefer dating people of a certain means.

The second website that made it to final consideration is EliteSingles. While Elite Singles is not exclusive to millionaires, it caters to people who have money. You may not find a blue-blood heir or heiress on Elite Singles, but you could very well find a CEO, a heart surgeon, or a wealthy personal injury attorney. The advanced algorithm and targeted questionnaires offered by EliteSingles make sure that you can find somebody who shares not just your taste for the finer things but also your attitudes about life in general. While it is less exclusive than Millionaire Match, we think that the wider dating pool offers a good chance at finding a man or woman who can make sure that your needs are met for the rest of your life.

That said, if you are in the market to date an actual, for-real millionaire, Millionaire Match is the best website out there. Their verification practices, inclusiveness, and accessibility make this website the King of Millionaire Dating Websites as far as we are concerned. Elite Singles is a close second for those of us who desire a partner with wealth and power.

So who are these millionaire dating websites for? Some of them even go out of their way to make sure that users do not engage in a sugar dating relationship. Do you have to be a millionaire to use these websites? Not necessarily, but it sure helps. After all, users on these sites are looking to find a lover who has a wallet that can support a certain kind of lifestyle, and if you are an average Joe or Jane, you may not find much luck: the average millionaire is probably not looking to date someone who is outside of their social class. On the other hand, you never know what you might find. If you are a young, attractive, and educated person who is seeking a millionaire mate, try your luck!